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 Dr Osti is delighted to announce that he is moving his practice to The International Spine Centre from 5th July 2021. Click here for details: The International Spine Centre


COVID-NOTICE: Due to the new Covid restrictions we request that you do not attend if you are not well. Please use our email address as contact to us ( and/or phone 82391889 and we will endeavour to assist you.

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Dr Osti is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in spinal disorders. His Practice deals with the clinical assessment and surgical management of patients with spinal conditions.

In addition Dr Osti carries out medico-legal assessments for musculo-skeletal disabilities related to the spine.

Consultative services include advice on diagnosis, investigations, management, employment and return to work programs, assessment of temporary and permanent impairment and general prognosis.

CHANGES IN DR OSTI\'S PRACTICE DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC The unprecedented, unforeseen and devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have unfortunately had also an adverse impact on Dr Osti’s Practice.SurgerySince the 1st April 2020, as a result of Directions from the Australian Prime Minister and the South Australian Commissioner of Police, Dr Osti has been unable to continue to carry out elective surgery if classified as non-urgent (Category 3 and Category 2- Semi-Urgent). hese restrictions on Elective Surgery affect in particular patients with chronic pain requiring semi-invasive Pain Management procedures such as radiofrequency facet joint denervation (facet rhyzolysis) and surgical insertion of neurostimulators, or patients waiting to undergo reconstructive spinal surgery with the use of implants to correct and/or stabilise spinal deformities. Dr Osti continues to carry out spinal surgery for urgent indications (Category 1 and 2-Urgent) including severe nerve pain with neurological loss, complications from previous surgery such as epidural bleeding, infection, etc. and intractable pain not responding to adequate conservative pain management. lease contact Dr Osti’s Practice for further information, if required. ConsultationsDr Osti’s consulting Practice has also been adversely affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented a number of measures to comply with current best practices on social distancing, ensuring avoidance of any physical contact with at-risk patients and of a maximum of two patients at a time in the Reception/Waiting area. The Federal Government is now allowing both General Practitioners and Specialists to use teleconferencing for all patients. The Medicare rules for Teleconferencing are that for at-risk patients, patients on concession cards and for individuals under the age of 16, the consultation fee is bulk-billed. For all other patients, including privately insured individuals and pensioners, Dr Osti is available to consult via teleconference for both initial consultations and follow-ups with a fee for an initial consultation via teleconference of $176.15 (Medicare rebate $76.15) and $88.25 (Medicare rebate $38.25) for any subsequent consultations. Please discuss this option with Dr Osti’s Staff, if you may prefer to speak to Dr Osti via phone and avoid travelling and/or any direct physical contact. At present, no timeframe exists for the COVID-19 related restrictions imposed on all Medical Practitioners in Australia. It is likely that the current restrictions will remain in place for at least until the end of April. All Emergency Directions, by Law, are reviewed monthly.


  • Facet Joint Injections for Spinal Pain
  • Facet Denervation (Rhyzolysis)
  • Lumbar surgical decompression/Microdiscectomy/Laminectomy  
  • Rigid Segmental Stabilisation (Pedicle instrumentation/interbody cages)
  • Anterior cervical spine decompression and... Click for More